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SO MANY PEOPLE are operating without a vision or sense of purpose today.

Most of my working life has been spent helping others find direction and inspiration, uncover their dreams and grow the confidence to reach new goals. So I’ve put together a series of online courses to give you some great opportunities for self-discovery and growth.

You’ll receive a daily email with blogs, vlogs, posts and other links, with an exclusive and private Facebook group page (for each course and each date) to meet and chat with other participants and with me. (Participating in the group is voluntary, but highly advisable on the 30-day courses.)
You will have daily reading, thinking, creating and writing exercises to complete (which you can share if you choose to), and these will take from half an hour to as many hours as you might wish to devote to it.Some people will be natural writers, artists and/or sharers, and the extent and manner of your sharing will be entirely up to you.  Whether you choose to share or not, or even complete the exercises, there will be plenty for you to think about and enjoy.


Course Overview

2013 Dates





Vision & Purpose 10 days Definitions – understanding the need for a Vision – obstacles to identifying and enabling your Vision – global citizenship – identifying your strengths – money & your attitude to it – finding your Source and turning it on – courage & change – contradictions & dichotomies – clarifying your Vision & Purpose – keeping the journey going.

26 January



30 days
A step-by-step 30-day goal setting and planning process to support the real development of your Vision.Re-clarifying your Vision – establishing your Vision/Venture’s desired outcomes – integrating your Vision/Venture plans and goals – assessing the gaps between the present and the future – looking at different business models – researching your audience – working through easy analysis tools – financial planning – marketing – systems – people needs – putting specific and appropriate goals in place – measuring outcomes…  

Limited to 20 active participants.

26 January



Boot Camp 
for Light Workers 30 days
Preparing and learning to maintain a disciplined daily regimen of diet, exercise, meditation/ relaxation, behaviours and study; for those wishing to prepare themselves for a higher level contribution.  Includes a series of both live and recorded (downloadable) guided relaxations. 

Limited to 20 active participants. 

2 February



Vision & Purpose for Light Workers 30 days An expanded, interactive programme of identifying Vision and Purpose for those envisaging a higher level contribution. 

Clarify Vision – introduce meditation and relaxation techniques – establish your goals for the 30 days – work out your specific daily regimen – establish recording systems – work out your weak points and particular challenges and how to support you through them – take it one day at a time with daily meditation, inspiration and motivation to get new habits built.

Limited to 20 active participants.

9 February


NB: Fees may be divided into 2 equal payments, with the second payment paid by the first day of the course.
How to enrol for any of the courses:

Go to and click on ‘Send Money’ in the menu bar.  There is a screen shot of what this looks like below.

–          Enter my email address (as it appears in the paypal pic) in the ‘To’ box.

–          Enter your own email address beneath that in the ‘From’ box.

–          Enter the amount, which is simply 20 or 50 (no dollar signs or decimal points required)

–          Select ‘USD – U.S. Dollars’ from the currency drop-down (it’s the last one on the list)
[Australians may pay in Australian dollars if their Paypal balance is in Aus$.]

–          Select ‘Services’

–          Click ‘Continue’

–          On the following page please state which course you are attending, plus your name and email address if they are different from those appearing on the Paypal account.

I will receive a notification from Paypal as soon as you make this payment. I’ll then email you with the URL for the Facebook group to join.  Please read the ‘Rules of Engagement’ once you’re in the group.  You will also probably want to turn OFF ‘Notifications’ – top right – unless you want an email to your personal account for every post someone makes.  Note: You don’t HAVE to join the group to do the course, but I hope you’ll want to, if only to observe.

Sue xo

Sue Fitzmaurice has been a nurse, business owner, management consultant, CEO and author. She has a lifetime’s interest in international politics, philosophy, the quantum and all religions, and has an under-graduate degree in philosophy, and post-graduate degrees in international relations and business. Sue lives in Wellington, New Zealand.

Back in the Driver’s seat…

…at Trying God’s Patience, Title Wave and The Golden Rule

What a ride!  I’m hoping this last week is no indicator of the year to come.  Having said that, there were some amazing silver linings.  In crisis, victory.  

Loving the new me at Sue Fitzmaurice, and the Inspiration Page Owners Group, never a bunch to sit idly by twiddling their thumbs, started a new page too.

I hope y’all don’t get as confused as I am with all these different pages.

Just like them all and sit back and enjoy.

Sue xoxo

A Chocolate Kettle

As of this morning, I’ve lost control of all my previous Facebook pages: Trying God’s Patience, Title Wave and The Golden Rule.

Silver linings are an amazing thing – serendipity abounds!  And the affection of friends.  I have the new me here at: Sue Fitzmaurice – how lovely it’s been to really be me and not a page name.

There has been no / nil /zilch / nada response or support from Facebook.  And so in this great virtual city of Facebook, will it have to be vigilantism that provides some back-up to a lack of decent authority?

I say decent, since in the last 24 hours, I was temporarily stopped from making comments on posts other than my own, because I was using the comments on posts on my pages to direct folks to my new page.  In the last year, I was temporarily banned for Facebook for a week for promoting breast cancer awareness via a superb photographic series of women who had had mastectomies.  And there are other Facebook ‘crimes’ my friends and I commit daily in order to continue to exist safely on Facebook and maintain our own page security.

Of course I won’t mention some of the mechanisms being employed to respond to the bad hackers.  (Yes, there are good hackers.)

And yet I repeatedly complained about a post on another page that clearly demonstrated a hatred of Islam, yet Facebook refused to take it down because according to Facebook it did not violate their social standards.  And there are many other examples of complaint-worthy actions that meet with a blank also.

I am more likely to win Lotto than find someone at Facebook to help – they are about as useful as a chocolate kettle.


The Perils of Social Networking or How I Spent My New Year


My lovely Trying God’s Patience Facebook page was hacked on New Year’s Eve, along with Title Wave and the collaborative page I share with 100 or so other Facebook pages: The Golden Rule.

I have user status still on TGP  and TW but I’m not ‘in charge’.  All of us got booted off The Golden Rule.

In addition, friends’ pages: Fresh Minds Matter and Smiles & Rainbows were also hacked. FMM has limited user access for its owner – Smiles has none.

Needless to say, we’re working on it.  You may be surprised to hear that we have pretty much laughed our way through the whole debacle.  Oddest new year ever, but hey…

EXCITING NEWS: I just went ahead anyway and started another page.  Figured I’d just call it Sue Fitzmaurice.  So do please visit, like, comment, share… like CRAZY!


Happy New Year!  (Laughing myself silly.)

Sue xo

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